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India Attempts to Build $35 Laptop

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Engadget says:

"We've seen some janky tablets over the years, and to be honest this latest one out of India hardly looks posh. But, for the price, it could be pretty amazing: $35. That's what India's Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, is saying this device will cost at retail. It's a sort of tablet and, while we don't know full specs, is said to have 2GB of RAM, run Linux, be able to connect to the internet over WiFi, open PDFs, and even play YouTube videos, meaning you can watch Shahrukh Khan tribute videos wherever you want."

For those of you not familiar with Shahrukh Khan tribute videos, check out this beaut, complete with EXTRA tribute:

Anyway, the Indian government says they hope to get the retail price down to $10 eventually, which, to my mind, at least, seems like someone's setting themselves up for a big disappointment.

10 bucks?

Why, you can't even get a Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks at MV staff hangout The Watering Hole, located at 106 East 19th Street, NY, NY 10003 for ten bucks, where our own Mike Schuster was grossly ripped off to the tune of TWELVE BUCKS per Johnnie Black last night.

When we call the owner to complain later today, we'll be sure to note that we could've gotten a laptop for the same price as a watered-down, mid-range Scotch at that stinking rathole we'll never patronize again.
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