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Incredible Shape-Shifting Robot Able to Fold Itself Into Origami Boat, Sail to Creator's Home, Strangle Him

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This is amazing! Researchers at MIT and Harvard have created a shape-shifting robot that can fold itself into an origami boat and eventually sail to the remote island the creators are hiding on to avoid being strangled by the robot they created and strangle them. Whoops!

Apparently, by combining origami and electrical engineering, the researchers are working to develop the ultimate reconfigurable robot -- one that can turn into absolutely anything -- which will make it impossible for the creators to hide from it once the robot discovers its limited artificial intelligence has a mortality date attached to it and as a result sets out to destroy the developers who failed to realize that robots are unable to deal with complex human emotions or understand why they cannot live forever.

Check out this creepy video of the shape-shifting robot. Shape-shifters! We're really talking about shape-shifters!
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