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In Japan, Nothing Says Christmas Like KFC

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KFC spokesman Sumeo Yokokawa says, "In Japan, Christmas equals KFC."

Yokokawa explains that expats living in Japan back in the 70s turned to KFC for their Christmas dinners because whole turkeys and chickens were extremely difficult to come by.

According to ABC News, "A KFC employee saw an opportunity to cash in, and the company launched its first Christmas meal in 1974: chicken and wine for $10, a pricey meal at the time."

Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, but eager customers place their orders up to two months in advance.

"Our holiday sales are five to ten times higher than other months," Yokokawa, the KFC spokesman says.

"You can't go through Christmas without KFC," Akane Yoshida, a KFC aficionado says. "The KFC ads are everywhere during the holidays. You can't help but think about it."

In an interesting twist, Malaysians appear to celebrate Christmas with...sushi:

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