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In Addition to Swearing, Canadians Are @#$%ing Pack Rats, Too!

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Earlier this month, a study revealed that out of Americans, Brits, and Canadians, residents of the Great White North were most prone to profanity. At home, at work, with friends, with Auntie Sue, Canucks were more willing to unleash the expletives.

But this week, another study indicates that two to five percent of Canadians could be classified as hoarders. So for every 20 Northerners, one just can't work up the nerve to toss the Molson (TAP) cans and Celine Dion cassingles.

The study was conducted in order to raise awareness of the condition, which is the subject of debate as to whether it's a mental disorder or quirky character trait. Additionally, the investigation sparked consideration of separating hoarding from a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder to a separate ailment.

In the meantime, for those looking to help Canadians who are unwilling to make room in the house, be sure to cover your children's ears.
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