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Illusionist Apparently Makes American Express Bills Disappear

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A few minutes ago, I got my weekly email from the Economist, highlighting their top stories.

It opened with a sponsored message from American Express, that read:

"Internationally acclaimed illusionist Ramana walked on air at London's busiest airport, as he stepped out of a giant sized credit card. The illusion saw Ramana step out of a British Airways American Express Credit Card which revolved to reveal an idyllic holiday scene. It was staged to dramatise how the Card can effortlessly transport Cardmembers to overseas destinations, by transforming your everyday spending into BA Miles. Can you figure out how he did it?"

Hmmmm...I'm assuming that it was some sort of magic trick. Yes, some sort of special force that made things unlike they actually are, so stuff like gravity suddenly no longer exists and whatnot.

Just like the American Express card!

Yep, that crazy old card can "effortlessly transport" you overseas! Really! It can! Because it's magic!

Forget about bills and crap like that--worrying about paying off debt is for suckers who don't believe in magic, right? Leave those concerns for jackasses with Visas and Mastercards. Yes, American Express takes all the effort out of life and just...deposits you wherever you want.

And...abracadabra, presto, one, two, three--look! Amex also made your half-decent credit score disappear!
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