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Humanity Digs Its Hole a Little Deeper With the Adult Onesie

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If you were to ask me sum up the Renaissance with a single image, I may refer you to Michelangelo's David or da Vinci's Mona Lisa. If asked for a symbol of the accomplishments made during the Industrial Revolution, I could point to the steam locomotive or England's Iron Bridge. And one would merely need to look at photos of Mount Rushmore, the Panama Canal, or the moon landing for proof of mankind's greatest achievements.

But if you want to see what we've done with it, how far we've come, and where we're headed, here it is, folks. The quintessential representation of our species in 2010.

The adult onesie.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, summarizes the wilted spirit of modern man as an outfit designed for infants but tailored to clothe an adult. Was no one paying attention during WALL·E?

Wisconsin twentysomethings Tyler Galganski and Dave Hibler have gone into the adult onesie business. Dubbed "Forever Lazy," each outfit comes with a hood and is comprised of the finest fleece this side of a Snuggie ad. And if you're wondering where the duo created the concept, take a guess. Take a wild guess.

Yep. Hibler's parents' basement.

They told the Associated Press that they've sold 10,000 over the course of a year and a half. But given the fact that the Snuggie folks sold 20 million backwards robes, they'll probably be billionaires quite soon.

Ah, no matter. After hearing this story, I won't be alive to see it.

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