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Human Billboard Steps Up His Corporate Shilling

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Like a NASCAR driver without the jumpsuit, boxer Billy Gibby was once content with just corporate tattoo sales. For a nominal fee, he will permanently plaster a company's logo on his skin. Gibby's website featured the going rates for tattoo placement. (A six-inch by one-inch forehead logo goes for a mere $20,000.) Among the companies he currently advertises: Golden Palace, Liberty Tax Service, and Grown Up Geek.

Though the sponsorship seems extremely crass, he uses the money to fund his boxing career and the rather noble effort of promoting organ donation.

But tattoos apparently weren't paying the bills -- or enough of them, at least -- because Gibby is no longer Gibby anymore. His new name is Hostgator Dotcom.

Reminiscent of the towns that have changed their names to Google, Dish, and, Hostgator Dotcom will be a constant advertisement for the web hosting company. According to AOL News, CEO Lance Custen says that Dotcom is the "perfect embodiment" of his company.

"Billy, or should I say Hostgator Dotcom, is a great guy and we couldn't pick someone better to brand our company name. He's a successful boxer, a living organ donor, and has a great attitude," Custen said.

Not to mention the fact that he could likely pummel anyone who calls him a sellout.

And admittedly, nothing is embarrassing as the Zune Guy.
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