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Hulu and Netflix Numbers Dwarfed by BitTorrent

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Rumor has it that Comedy Central and Hulu are in negotiations to bring The Daily Show and Colbert Report back to Hulu. Having ushered in millions of views, the Emmy-winning programs may soon regain the traffic they once enjoyed on the high-profile streaming site, but it could potentially place the huge episode backlog behind the Hulu Plus paywall -- thus ruining the set-ups currently employed by the Comedy Central websites.

If such a move takes place, it'll be just one in a long line of bonehead measures made by Hulu. Although Netflix appears to be doing everything right, network-sanctioned sites as a whole continually botch the legal streaming video sites and their execution. Either creating a deluge of ads, posting uninteresting or incomplete content, or arbitrarily placing certain selections behind a paywall, these sites reflect not only the incompetence but the desperation of studios trying to retain viewers and ad revenue.

And it appears these flawed practices have pushed BitTorrent use to an all-time high.

Leading into this year's Consumer Electronics Show, BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker reported that 100 million people are actively using BitTorrent Mainline and µTorrent clients each month -- or roughly 20 million per day on average. Comparatively, Hulu has 30 million monthly users and Netflix is hovering around 19 million subscribers.

"This is an exciting day for our team," Klinker said in a statement. "Our vision is to build a complete technology ecosystem comprised of software, content and devices, designed to connect modern content creators with a massive digital audience. This milestone highlights the size of our user base and the power of our software."

Now granted, not everyone using BitTorrent is pirating TV shows, movies, or albums. But that kind of reach on only two BitTorrent clients is something both Hulu and Netflix would kill for.

However, given how easy it is to fire up µTorrent and grab a show hours or even months before it posts on Hulu or Netflix, it's easy to see which process will win out.
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