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How UFO Sightings Continue to Impact Shares of Lockheed Martin and Boeing

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Now I’m no conspiracy nut, but it’s pretty much an established fact that UFOs are here, and the only possible explanation for them is that inter-dimensional beings have teleported to our universe and worked out a deal by which they share their technology with us in exchange for access to our reproductive organs.

It’s also pretty much agreed upon that the corporate benefactors of this technology are companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, both of which use their passenger jet divisions as cover for their more sinister pursuits, particularly their reverse engineered aircraft that they deploy to game the stock market.

For investors, this presents a unique opportunity. You see, there is a direct correlation between the spotting of UFOs and the share prices for both Lockheed and Boeing.

How? Simple. When a UFO sighting makes the news, social mood shifts towards the paranoid, thereby driving up the share prices of the very military-industrial complex companies we rely on for air defense.

To wit, last November, we made this observation:

“One week after the UFO sightings in New York and Texas, shares of both Lockheed Martin and Boeing went up. Not down. Up.

See for yourself.

Lockheed Martin

Sighting    Date         Share Price          1 week later            %change

NYC         10/14            70.2                       71.84                        +2.3%
Texas      10/16            70.02                     71.78                        +2.5%


NYC        10/14            71.36                    71.5                          +.01%
Texas     10/16            70.11                    71.66                        +.22%

Well folks, it’s happening again.

Thought Catalog reports that two major UFO sightings occurred yesterday over Jerusalem and Utah.

How did shares of Lockheed and Boeing change from one week prior to the sighting until today? Let’s take a look.

Lockheed Martin

January 24th     Current        %change

   78.03                 79.32           +1.7%


January 24th    Current        %change

    72.73             69.85              -4%


First off, Lockheed is still definitely benefiting from UFO sightings. As was the case in November, shares of the company went up…not down…but up after UFOs were spotted.

But strangely, this time around, shares of Boeing went down…not up…but down after yesterday’s sighting.

What does this mean?

There’s really only one possible explanation. Executives at Lockheed have clearly struck a better technology sharing deal with the inter-dimensional beings, and while we have no hard “proof,” Mr. Market subconsciously understands Lockheed’s advantage and therefore has greater confidence in its ability to protect us from alien invasion, ergo the stronger share price.

Boeing, meanwhile, has become completely immobilized by the Dreamliner fiasco, and has had to turn its attention away from time-traveling anti-gravitational aircraft. This, of course, may make sense in the short term, but for long term investors it would be wise to consider Boeing’s place in the intergalactic aviation world before making any serious bets.

The facts don’t lie.
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