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How to Save Money on Gas Using Your Smartphone

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Once again, oil company bigwigs have collectively decided to reapply a coat of gold leaf in their executive washrooms.

Gas prices are flirting with 29-month highs and could possibly cross the $4/gallon mark again. Arguments on behalf of Big Oil have been rehashed, justifying the cost increase, but considering the record earnings in recent years for Exxon, Apache, BP, Shell, et al, seems like a price increase is the last thing they truly need.

And speaking of the last thing people need, a higher gas price while we're still recovering from a powerful recession.

So when filling up the tank is an unavoidable expense, the average consumer on a budget needs help from every place he can get. And thanks to Gizmodo, turns out one of those places is from your smartphone.

By using apps for iPhone and Android devices, drivers can find the cheapest local gas station, monitor fuel economy, set reminders for proper maintenance, and reroute your commutes toward the cheaper stations. Apps -- both free and paid -- include Cheap Gas, GasHog, Mileage, TripAlyizer, greenMeter, and others.

For anyone with a car or planning a trip this summer, these apps are indispensable.

Check out Gizmodo's guide here.

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