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How To Genetically Modify A Seed

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"Now that you’ve got your genes, the next step is inserting them into the plants. There are a couple ways to do this, including using “gene guns” that literally shoot pieces of DNA. A .22-caliber charge fires a metal particle coated with DNA into plant tissue. Monsanto no longer uses the technique, but it's still widely used among other biotech companies."
A gene gun? Seriously? Can this be real? Well, it's all right there in this step-by-step guide to genetically modifying a seed via Popsci.

While the article is interesting, in an uber-geeky WTF kinda way, the real meat (heh, see what we did there?) comes at the end when the future of transgenic seeds is covered. Think the stakes in genetic seed modification are small?
"“It’s one thing to have a garden in your yard, and get tomatoes and basil all summer, but it’s another thing to talk about feeding 9 billion people (by 2050). For every plant breeder, everyone involved in producing food, there are some really big challenges,” [Ginny Ursin, head of technology prospecting at Monsanto] said. “(Biotech) is not the only thing ... I know people have their issues with this technology. But it’s a tremendous technology. It’s using nature as a guide.”"
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