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How to Choose the Perfect Airline Seat

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Is there anything worse than an airport? Seriously. Dental visits, job interviews, audits, CAT scans. All pale in comparison to the hellish landscape of crowds, lines, and scowls run under a misguided and ill-equipped martial law.

Oh wait, I forgot about flying itself.

The majesty of human flight has been rendered a cruel hoax by greedy, unfeeling airlines. For those not exorbitantly wealthy, the descriptors of commercial flight read like a Lovecraftian Seven Dwarfs. Cramped, Bumpy, Smelly, Stuffy, Pissy, Moany, and Smug. Without fail, airlines treat their customers like cattle, poke and prod them until the breaking point, and then act like they're doing us a favor.

In acts of meager protest, consumer blogs offer tips to combat the awful experience of flying. But if it's all we have at this point, consider the list provided by Howcast. With a little initiative and luck, you can turn corporate-sanctioned torture into an unbearable test of one's psyche.

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