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How One Ballot Initiative in Denver Could Save Our Economy, and Maybe Galaxy

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What if I told you there was a way to solve every problem we have with our economy, health care system, education system, and more?

And what if I told you that one little vote in Denver could be the very thing to bring about that messianic panacea?

Maybe you’d call me crazy. But maybe you’d be the crazy one!

That’s because the most important issue in today’s election has nothing to do with terrestrial (read: inconsequential) policy. It has to do with what in the Lord's name are we going to do about these UFOs?

On the ballot this year in Denver is an initiative that would create a panel to study UFOs, collect and share evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, and to assess the risks and benefits of making contact with aliens.

Public fascination with UFOs isn’t exactly unique, but the “ballotization” of it is. Officially, the US has conducted its own investigations of UFOs, including Project BlueBook. And in the UK, the National Archives recently disclosed an entire library of UFO-related findings.

But a bottom-up political approach to researching the phenomenon hasn’t been seen before, and highlights how UFOs are increasingly becoming less of a “fringe” issue.

And let’s face it, confirmation of extraterrestrial visitors would render the aforementioned policy issues moot in a matter of seconds.

Take the economy. Just imagine what harnessing alien machinery would do to our tech sector!

As UFO Digest notes, “with the U.S. experiencing significant economic difficulties, our manufacturing and other businesses going overseas, our energy dependence sapping our wealth, and the challenges of shifting to new and more prosperous economic activities – it seems like a good time to reconsider the application and integration of any advanced technologies into mainstream U.S. economic activity.”

But the economy is just the beginning.

“…the problems of pollution could be solved by cleaner energy. The costs of health care that are draining our economy might be mitigated by advanced knowledge about biology, genetics and cellular function. Agriculture could be enhanced by new understanding of botany. The list of possible benefits appears to be very long.”

So, citizens of Denver. Vote to save our economy. Vote to save our health care system. Vote to save our country. Vote Yes on Initiative 300.
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