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How Not to Make Emerging Market Calls

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FT Alphaville points us to a rather interesting emerging markets call from analyst Ricardo Amaral on Nouriel Roubini's research site: "The Brazilian formula for success includes periods of dictatorship, and Brazil had three periods in its history when Brazil benefited from being under a certain form of a government; benevolent dictatorial regime," wrote Mr. Amaral, adding, "I am not suggesting that the military seized power of the government in Brazil for ideological, or political reasons, or because I don’t agree with economic system that we have in Brazil. I am suggesting that the military should seize power again in Brazil through a coup d ‘état, because we all know that this massive crime problem that is devastating the Brazilian population can’t be solved under a democratic system of government, and because of the actions that have to be taken to bring peace to all neighborhoods in Brazil."  Uh, ok.
SOURCE:   FT Alphaville