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How Money Is Changing Chinese Society

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Xiyan Yang of the New York Times reports:

"When viewers tuned into China’s most popular dating show this spring, they saw beautiful women, brutal rejections and plenty of money worshiping, as when a female contestant was asked by a possible date whether she would like to go for a bicycle ride.

“I’d rather sit and cry in the back of a BMW,” she said.

Or when another woman, asked for a handshake, responded: “Only my boyfriend gets to hold my hand. Everyone else, 200,000 renminbi per shake,” or about $29,475.

Such witticisms made “If You Are the One,” produced by Jiangsu TV, the most watched reality television program in the country."

Beautiful women humiliating eager suitors, humiliatingly brutal rejections, and worshiping at the altar of the mighty yuan.

Funny, that's almost exactly the state of the media right here in the United States--except for the yuan part.

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