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How Long Can You Wait in Line Before Snapping?

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If you're able to withstand the mental tedium and leg strain of standing in line for more than 10 minutes and 42 seconds, congratulations. You've just kept it together longer than the average Brit standing in queue.

According to a survey conducted by Britain's Payments Council, in an era of instant search results and immediate status updates, folks across the pond are also growing restless by the frequent wait times in the physical world. An online poll of 2,006 adults voted supermarket lines as the most abhorrent, followed by the post office and airports.

Participants in the survey over 55 years old were quicker with the frustration -- growing restless three minutes before younger folk. Which stands to reason, if you've ever witnessed an old woman in a bakery who forgot to take a number. People under 35, however, were more willing to vent their anger on fellow members in line or the employee helping customers. Again, anyone who's heard the snotty cadence of an entitled college student ordering a nonfat venti caffè macchiato, this comes at no surprise.

An overwhelming amount -- two-thirds -- blamed the majority of their frustrations on dawdling, or what the Brits refer to as "faffing." As such, it's best to follow the New York City method: clearly state your order, pay, and move to the side.

For those who hate crowds and queues, the web is a Utopian paradise. Eight out of ten adults would much rather pay their bills online rather than in person. Which begs the question: Who are those two mentally unstable people and why are they allowed in public?

A Payments Council spokeswoman told Reuters, "Our research shows that more of us are waking up to the fact that you can skip the queue altogether, saving time and money, by using 'queue dodging tactics' like internet shopping, online banking, and paying bills electronically."

If folks are just "waking up to this fact," no wonder lines are still too damn long.
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