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Hilarious iPhone App Essential for Music Snobs

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Between Arcade Fire's Grammy win and IFC's amazing Portlandia series, hipsterdom has never been more in the public eye. With the constant barrage of skinny jeans, suspenders, ironic mustaches, nothing seem to faze the "normals" anymore. However, if there's one arena where Greenpoint natives exceed the rest of the country, it's new music. Rare are the moments where your musical tastes are on par with the rabid user. Also, since few Middle Americans have their own BK correspondent to constantly feed them lesser known artists, there's little hope of ever catching up.

Well, the new iPhone app Pocket Hipster aims to update your boring and staid iTunes library with the new, lesser-known artists and tracks. But like an actual trust fund twenty-something in a pork pie, it'll do so with a healthy dose of snobbery. After a quick analysis of your album collection, one of the hipster characters might say, "If your taste in music was an animal, it would be a one-winged pigeon with a gammy leg." You can provide your own audible slurp from a microbrew.

At $0.99, Pocket Hipster is self-described as, "It's, like, the coolest music app ever... but you've probably never heard of it." At the risk of ruining its cred, here's to putting the app into the public eye.

Hopefully it goes full Portlandia and expands into article recommendations.

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