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"High Times" Writer's Arrest Far Too Hackneyed

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It's like hearing a joke about airline food. Or that Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon. Or that Glenn Beck got his facts wrong. A story so obvious, so cliche that it actually annoys you far deeper than its face value.

A writer for the marijuana-advocacy magazine High Times was arrested for his involvement in a multimillion-dollar pot ring.

According to NBC New York, writer Matthew Woodstock Stang was arrested along with Kareem Burke -- founder of Jay-Z's label Roc-a-Fella Records -- and 45 other individuals. The feds busted the underground network that smuggled hydroponic weed from Florida to New York. Stang was named as one of the suppliers. He was later released on $500,000 bail and ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet.

The bust netted officials with $2 million and over 360 pounds of marijuana. No word on which parts of the supply were regularly photographed with stoner comedians and Olympic snowboarders for High Times spreads.

The lack of surprise is almost palpable. Of course the arrest of a High Times writer is going to involve marijuana. The person who booked Stang at the station probably sighed and rolled his eyes at least a few times, muttering, "Seriously?" under his breath.

At least change it up, Stang. Couldn't it have been blackmail? Insider trading? A bigamy camp in Utah?

Come on. Throw us a curve ball here.
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