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Hershey Lands on Mars for Package Mimicry

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In Hershey, Pennsylvania, not everything is so sweet.

The candy confectioner behind Whoppers, York Peppermint Patties, and Kit Kats is claiming Mars Inc. co-opted its use of orange, brown, and tan in the packaging for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The company sued the maker of M&Ms and Snickers over its design for Dove peanut butter chocolate Promise squares.

According to the Associated Press, Hershey is claiming trademark dilution and infringement, and unfair competition.

And rightfully so. Here is the packaging in question which wholly rips off the Hershey peanut butter cup institution.

And now, here's the Reese's packaging we've all come to know and love.

Good thing I identified which is which, right? I mean, look at that Dove packaging. Using words describing the product and images of a peanut butter-filled chocolate treat. And from the looks of it, probably printed on a some form of cellophane. Just like Hershey.

The nerve of them.

But this won't be the only trademark infringement suit Hersey has pursued this year. The candymaker has gone after Williams-Sonoma for manufacturing a brownie pan that looked similar to a Hershey bar, and it's pursued the maker of an iPhone app that allows users to mix and "drink" a virtual glass of chocolate milk.

If the trend continues, Hershey will likely go after Apple for mimicking its flood of unnecessary lawsuits.
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