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Here Is The IMF Report Making The Case For A Single Global Currency

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While global currency news over the past week has largely been focused on China pushing the yuan as a potential global reserve currency replacement for the U.S. dollar, the elephant in the room, always lurking just off to the side in the corner, is the seemingly inevitable move toward a single world currency. The idea is not a new one. Proposals for a single world currency are as old as the 1500s when paper money was very limited in supply.

But the question of a global currency, often posed without answer as a component of hysterical conspiracy theories, is an interesting one. The International Monetary Fund last April provided an in-depth look at why a transition to a global currency might make sense, and the steps necessary to achieve it.

Read the full IMF report here.

The chart below shows how seriously the idea is being taken by international monetary bodies.

So, for Ron Paul and others who may wish to "end the Fed," perhaps the day that dream arrives is closer than anyone expected.

Also, check out the site,, which is, as the name implies, dedicated to moving toward a single world currency:

"The Single Global Currency Association was incorporated in June, 2003 in the U.S. State of Maine. Morrison Bonpasse is the first President of the Association, with his term running through 2015. He publicly declared his support for the Single Global Currency during his campaign for State Representative in 2002."
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