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Here Is How Twitter Is Helping Egyptian Protesters Get Around the Internet Blackout

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As Egyptian authorities cut off access to social media, Google announced a new Speak-To-Tweet service that will allow Egyptians to access Twitter via ordinary phone lines. The new service was developed by Google, Twitter, and the recently Google-acquired company SayNow. The service allows Egyptians to dial an international telephone number and leave a voicemail message which is then sent out as a tweet with the hashtag #egypt.

On BBC World News, a reporter who described the service followed up by saying that BBC viewers could “still Tweet the old-fashioned way.”

And here it already — Twitter nostalgia. Now thanks to the BBC and Speak-To-Tweet you can see the day coming when you will wag a callused finger at the next generation: “In my day we had to Tweet the old fashioned way. Keyboards, with letters on them. Each letter had to be struck in succession to form the Tweet. But we still made our points. We overthrew tyrants and drove Charlie Sheen into rehab. You kids today, and your Synapse-To-Tweet... what good is it if your neurons have nothing to say?”
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