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Here Are the Private Chartered Jets Expats Are Booking to Flee Egypt

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You're an expat working for a private company in Egypt, probably employed by a company in the oil, finance or telecommunications industry. With the country, and now the airport, in complete disarray, how do you get out? It's a good question.

More than 1,200 expatriate workers have fled Egypt in the past two-and-a-half days, mostly via rented business jets and airliners. Emergency-flight brokers Air Partner PLC and Jet Booking Direct are among the companies selling emergency evacuation flights for private companies.

Air Partner has so far flown 800 people from Egypt on 14 flights, Bloomberg reports.

And according to Jet Booking Direct, demand for charter flights has rocketed 60 percent since the protests began. Reportedly, Jet Booking Direct charges $26,000 for a flight to Cyprus and more than $100,000 for a flight to Abu Dhabi.

Here are some of the jets expatriates are fortunate enough to be able to book out of Egypt.

Among the available aircraft from Air Partner are large jets available for six-to-nine hour flights, seating eight-to-16 in first class style.

Of course, for larger jobs, Air Partner recommends something like the Airbus SAS A310 widebody series, which can seat up to 361 passengers.

Jet Booking Direct's fleet includes the Boeing 757-200, with seating capacity up to 235.

For more luxurious evacuation travel, one could also consider the Jet Booking Direct Embraer Lineage 1000.

"This aircraft is the height of luxury travel, with running costs comparable to the smaller Global Express and Gulfstream 550. Be it relaxing in the lounge area with a drink from the bar served by one of our flight attendants; connected wirelessly to the internet at the work station or sleeping in the stateroom complete with en suite shower flights to the USA, Middle East or Africa can be undertaken with over twice the cabin volume of a conventional heavy jet, yet at similar operating costs."

Of course, for expatriates looking for more modest travel away from Egypt, there is always the tried and true domesticated dromedary. Used by both military and native travelers alike since at least 1200 BC, dromedaries can go five-to-seven days with little food or water and cover about 25 miles per day. From the heart of Cairo, traveling East toward to Suez and then into Jordan via the port city Al 'Aqabah, where T.E. Lawrence and Aud ibu Tayi successfully defeated the Turks, an expatriate on the move traveling lightly could expect a well-behaved dromedary to reach safe harbor in a little less than a week.

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