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Help Make Smartphone Videos Actually Watchable

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The cinéma-vérité movement has made great strides in making shaky, poor-quality, indecipherable video acceptable for mass audiences. The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, and 97% of all YouTube videos -- coupled with the rise of smartphone video -- have contributed to the rise of blurry handheld clips propagating the web. Why bother grabbing a tripod when the action is captured for a good 10-12 frames?

And while not quite as bad, the alternative isn't so compelling either. Propping up a smartphone and aiming it somewhat toward the action, you're just mimicking the static webcam shots now boring millions of viewers around the world. Subjects move in and out of the frame, or remain obscured by off-centered shots.

Well, a group called Satarii hopes to develop a smartphone mount that eliminates these common obstacles to dynamic videos. But it needs your help.

The group has designed a working model to an auto-panning smartphone mount called Satarii Star. The user secures their iPhone 4 or pocket camcorder -- Satarii hopes to add compatibility with Android and Windows Phone 7 devices -- to the mount, and the unit pans toward a small, clippable remote sensor held by the subject. The iPhone or camcorder can pan 180 degrees and "see" the remote up to eight meters in and out of doors.

Satarii included a video to give you an idea of its function as well the soothing, sultry tones of The Temper Trap.

Satarii IndieGoGo Campaign from Satarii on Vimeo.

The group has collected $13,266 on its way to the $20,000 goal to put this device into production.

Help save ourselves from awful smartphone video.
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