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Handy iPhone App Measures Date-to-Sex Ratio

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Smartphones have truly become the player's dedicated wingman for the 21st century. Juggling numbers? Consult your contacts. Struck out at the bar? Text your benefits-willing friend a few blocks away. Dimwitted hottie likes shiny things? Fire up the flashlight app.

But few apps encapsulated the dating scene quite like DateMate -- a new iPhone program which tracks the names and information of the men or women in your life and rates their dating and bedroom techniques. Gizmodo's Rosa Golijan writes:

"The basic idea of DateMate is that it allows you to enter details about your partners -- birthdays, contact information, silly things that you should recall -- and track your encounters with them. The app offers a calendar so that you can keep track of whose bed you were in on which night and a way to rank the dates and create notes about them. Once you've got a bunch of dates under your belt, you can even generate graphs of your activities and compare frequency, quality, and progress."

The app also features a handy tag cloud system to organize the keywords associated with each individual. So, for instance, one night you might be in the mood for "book club," and another night, "suspended harness."

Extremely beneficial when planning the dinner menu.

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