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"Habitual Violator" of Environmental Laws to Apologize to 1,608 People for Giving Them Salmonella

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A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee will be holding a hearing today on the salmonella outbreak from eggs produced by Wright County Egg in Iowa, owned and operated by Jack DeCoster and his son Peter.

DeCoster eggs are blamed for sickening 1,608 people--and those are just reported cases. 550 million eggs were recalled in what was the largest known domestic outbreak of egg-related salmonella.

(Jack and Peter DeCoster will be presenting prepared testimony, which has been obtained by the Des Moines Register and can be found by clicking HERE.)

But, if you were one of the egg-eaters harmed by DeCoster eggs, don't worry -- after today, everything will be okay. Because Jack and Peter are going to APOLOGIZE to their victims. And they'll also pledge not to sell eggs again until their farms are free from disease. Oh, and Jack DeCoster prays each day for the people affected. So, that ought to make you feel better, right?

The senior DeCoster said that he and his son were "horrified to learn that our eggs may have made people sick."

Well, what did he expect? Jack DeCoster was named a "habitual violator" of Iowa environmental laws, which barred him from expanding his operations for five years.

Which, it should be known, didn't do much in the way of changing the way DeCoster did business. According to records, the DeCoster egg farms tested positive for salmonella bacteria 73 times in the two years leading up to the recall.

The committee will also hear testimony from two women who were sickened by tainted DeCoster eggs.

77 year-old Carol Lobato is one of them. She says she fell ill after eating a dish of rattlesnake meat and eggs traced to the DeCoster operations.

"The salmonella infection is not over for me," she will say in her testimony. "I have lost my stamina. I often experience indigestion and it is difficult for me to enjoy certain foods. I feel tired and require rest during the day."

Then again, that could've just been the rattlesnake meat. Just sayin'...
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