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Guess What? China's Creepy, Haunting 'Ghost Malls' Look Just Like All the Creepy, Haunting Ghost Malls in America!

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Have you seen that Bloomberg video people are talking about? The one with the creepy, massive "haunting ghost mall"? Sure you have. C'mon, it had the words "haunting ghost mall" in the title. You know you clicked on it. I did. But then, I'm the person SEO-strategists had in mind when they built the Internet and took over Web publishing. Hold on just one sec.

Sorry, I had to run over to Twitter and click on a #snowpet tagged photo.

Anyway, the point is the "haunting ghost mall" video just didn't do it for me. I guess it's possible I didn't have the volume turned high enough, but it just looked like a large space with some retail goods, a toy store, and maybe not so many people? Whatever. In the old days they called it Overpromising and Underdelivering. Today they call it "A Web Video."

Watch it if you want. Bloomberg allows people to embed their videos.

Otherwise, if you're like me and maybe just a little jaded about the whole "haunting ghost malls of China" made-up meme, here are five of the 151,000 photos of "haunting ghost malls of the United States" that I found in 0.92 seconds on Google without having to leave my chair. Enjoy!

You can find more photos of abandoned U.S. shopping malls right here via Trendhunter.
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