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Greek Yogurt Brings New Life to Dairy Aisle

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It’s the little things that count. For Greece—a nation overburdened by debt and resigned to a life of austerity—that means taking pride in its local culture. Specifically, yogurt.

BusinessWeek reports:

“There's a Greek uprising taking place along the dairy aisle. A specialty item just a few years ago, creamy Greek-style yogurt has turned into a supermarket staple. The trend has food giants such as Kraft Foods (KFT) and General Mills (GIS) trying to topple a pair of tiny dairy makers who until recently had the market mostly to themselves.”

Those tiny dairy makers include companies like Fage and Chobani, the latter of which has seen sales triple in the past year to $196 million, according to Bloomberg.

But going up against the mighty forces of corporate food giants ain’t easy. Especially when Kraft is unleashing its competitive yogurt with nearly godlike gravitas, calling its brand “Athenos,” recalling the beautiful but dangerous deity of war.

But in this modern day battle of the titans, the young upstarts are off to a stunning lead. We’ll just have to see if the old guard can catch up.

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