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Google's Chrome Laptop High on Comedy

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A few weeks ago, a copywriter went on a typo-laden rant after describing one too many ink cartridges. If the righteous outrage is genuine, it shines a light on just how mundane and boring the lives of technical copywriters can become. Just how long can you detail the steps of replacing a laptop battery before you snap?

Fortunately, the Google clan behind the Chrome OS laptop, Cr-48, has a sense of humor and are willing to make writing an instructional manual fun.

Below is the cheeky copy written for the Cr-48's instructional manual. Click for a larger view.

For a laptop that takes much of the guesswork out of home computing and puts much of the cloud computing responsibility in the hands of Google, I suppose that leaves a bit of creative freedom in the writing. Added to that is the fact that the Cr-48 is largely a prototype issued to critics and beta testers -- folks who are familiar with esoteric tech features. Informing them how to turn a laptop on and charge it from a wall outlet better include some comedy.

If only more safety instructions were so delightfully glib.
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