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Google to Cease Development of Google Wave

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Welp, that's that. Google announced that it's stopping development on Wave, the collaborative service it introduced last year to virtually (heh) no acclaim or fanfare, mostly because no one knew what in the hell it was or how to use it. But hey, that didn't stop us in the early going from hunting down friends and enemies we hadn't spoken to in years just to get one of the first invites to the service! Then, like everyone else in the preview stage, we were like, wha? What is this? What's it for? How do we use it?

And therein lies the problem: no one (even at Google!) knew what Wave was. In fact, it was impossible to explain what Wave  was supposed to help you do. I mean, this is from the Q&A with the Google Wave development team.

Which pieces of the technology are you personally most excited by?

Rob: For me, it's the fact that with Google Wave, you get to make documents truly extensible.

Wait, did you really use the word "extensible"?

Adam: Developers are going to see the potential of Google Wave as a platform - we hope they'll leap on it.

He means that literally.

Tell us about a highlight during the development of Google Wave?

Rob: For me it was one of our first spell checking demonstrations.

Going out on a limb here, but I think if the highlight of development of your product is using spell check you might be reinventing the wheel a little bit?

Any dark moments during the development process?  Challenges you had to overcome?

Rob: The initial development phase, in a small room, with a small team, working towards a prototype, was a tough time.  The room didn't get much sun - it was literally a dark moment!

Ok, actually, now I think I get it.
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