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Google Street View Cameras Capture Human Carnage

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With every photo session cruise, Google Maps' Street View cameras offer a slice of local life. It could be as light-hearted as a college prank, as American as a schoolyard scuffle, or as disconcerting as a vivid display of right-to-carry laws. But occasionally, they capture something seamier. And in a recent patrol of Brazilian streets, two gruesome scenes far exceed that possible holdup in Chicago.

Gizmodo reported on two shocking photos -- not for the squeamish -- taken from a drive through Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. The first shows a crime scene featuring a covered body and a bevy of onlookers. The area is roped off with police tape and military police cruisers block the victim from the rest of the road. The perfect deterrent from your upcoming family vacation.

The next is far more grizzly. A body lays on the side of the road -- a likely victim of a hit and run. The area isn't marked or appears to have been approached by the authorities. The Street View camera may have been the first to the scene.

After Google was notified of the shots, the company promptly took them down. But unfortunately in the crime-ridden streets of Brazil, some things can't be erased.
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