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Google Plans On Hiring 6,200 Employees This Year

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Google has announced that it will hire 6,200 employees this year, news that cheered job seekers, though it's unclear how Wall Street will respond to the binge.

According to the Google job ad blog post, 2011 will be the company's biggest hiring year ever. It stated: "In 2010 we added more than 4,500 Googlers, primarily in engineering and sales: second only to 2007 when we added over 6,000 people to Google."

The pitch for fresh talent continued with:

We’re looking for top talent—across the board and around the globe—and we’ll hire as many smart, creative people as we can to tackle some of the toughest challenges in computer science: like building a web-based operating system from scratch, instantly searching an index of more than 100 million gigabytes and even developing cars that drive themselves. There’s something at Google for everyone—from geo, to enterprise, to video—with most of the work done in small teams, effectively working as start-ups.

But this push to grow one year after expanding its work force by 23% may not be news that Wall Street will welcome. Some investors would rather see Google be a little tighter with its checkbook. Last fall, Google announced a 10% raise for all of its employees.

Meanwhile, those of us not lucky enough to hold GOOG shares may wonder if we can get our hands on some by joining the firm, instead. Well, good luck. Check out some of the questions Google interviewees have been asked in the past. These were collected by a career coach in Seattle.
How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
You need to check that your friend, Bob, has your correct phone number but you cannot ask him directly. You must write the question on a card which and give it to Eve who will take the card to Bob and return the answer to you. What must you write on the card, besides the question, to ensure Bob can encode the message so that Eve cannot read your phone number?

You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do?

Hmm... this must be another one of those Sputnik moments.

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