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Google Maps Unveils New Schadenfreude Tool

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Let's face it: people, in general, are awful. I'd like to tell you that it's the holiday season and everyone is filled with the spirit of giving and good cheer, but we all know that at the end of the day the person who smiled at you on the subway this morning was really just enjoying the fact that you had bird crap on your shoulder and hadn't yet noticed it.

Fortunately, Google Maps is here to help with a new schadenfreude feature!

Simply go to and type in your address. On the top right, click Real Estate. When the left sidebar menu pops up, select Foreclosure. Voila! Now you can see everyone around you whose apartment or home is in foreclosure! Feel better?

Oh, I'm sorry. I see that you still want to pretend that you are a good person. In that case, read where science says otherwise. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, shoot science!
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