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Google Explores the Human Body in, Ahem, New Ways

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We already know the established methods of exploring the human body using Google. It's the reason why you set the site's SafeSearch to "Moderate" at work. But now, the company has launched a new service for analyzing the human form. Not only is it safe for work, it's even safe for the classroom.

It's called the Google Body Browser. Part Google Earth, part Gray's Anatomy, the app is an explorable 3D virtual model that maps out the various layers and parts of the human body. From muscle tissue to internal organs to circulatory and nervous systems, Google Body Browser would be an invaluable asset to for health classes, nursing students, or just cardiologists who've blanked mid-incision.

For now, the app requires a web browser with WebGL support, so users need the latest beta versions of Chrome or Firefox to run it. But be sure to use the service before certain sections of the body elect to have themselves blurred.

Take a tour of the app below and have a fantastic voyage.

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