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Google Beats Bing at "Jeopardy!"

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It may not be a serenely voiced automaton in the vein of HAL, but an old-fashioned Google search will net you the right answer to a Jeopardy! question nearly 70% of the time.

Search engine guru Stephen Wolfram conducted a test where he fed 200,000 Jeopardy! questions verbatim into various search engines: Google, Bing,, Wikipedia, and Russia's (That's a no-show for Yahoo or AOL.) From there, Wolfram tested how many times each site delivered the correct answer on the first page of results. For bonus points, he also checked which search results displayed the correct answer within the first link.

According to the New York Post, Google narrowly edged out to become the winner in the first category. Google had the correct answer in the first page results 69% of the time, 68% of the time, and Bing 63%. Wikipedia fared dismally with a mere 23%.

For first link results, Google still came out on top with 66%, Bing jumped to 65%, and hit 58%. fell to 51%.

According to the Jeopardy! archives, the average contestant will be correct 60% -- as compared to champ Ken Jennings, who was batting 79%.

Ken, you now may print up the "I'm Smarter Than Google!" shirt you've been dying to wear.
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