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Google, Apple Top List of Most Vulnerable Apps

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It may be making great strides in web browser market share, but Google Chrome was rated the most vulnerable application in this year's "Dirty Dozen" list -- 12 applications with the most discovered security flaws. Security vendor Bit9 compiled the list based on the number of bugs found between January and October of this year.

Chrome topped the list with 76 vulnerabilities, beating the 60 of Apple's Safari browser. Bit9 CTO Harry Sverdlove indicated that since Chrome is still relatively new, security researchers are placing more scrutiny on the software, which could potentially increase the vulnerability number. Sverdlove and his group reportedly analyzed 3,268 reported vulnerabilities -- ranging from buffer-overflow to cross-site scripting -- to create the list.

Below are the top five. Network World posted the full list of the top 12 apps and their respective number:

1. Google Chrome -- 76

2. Apple Safari -- 60

3. Microsoft Office -- 57

4. Adobe Acrobat -- 54

5. Mozilla Firefox -- 51

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