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Google Agrees to Delete Your Personal Data It Illegally Collected

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In a world where Facebook oversteps its boundaries, CCTV cameras are hung on every corner, and the TSA gropes at will, it's great to see privacy advocates finally win one. At least in the UK.

Google has agreed to delete all the data it mistakenly and illegally collected with its Street View cars. Emails, passwords, and web addresses were among the bits of information harvested from unprotected Wi-Fi networks in residential areas. According to Information Commissioner Christopher Graham, Google will also train its employees on security awareness and data protection to prevent such an incident from occurring again -- says the Daily Mail.

Graham said:
"I am very pleased to have a firm commitment from Google to work with my office to improve its handling of personal information. We don't want another breach like the collection of payload data by Google Street View vehicles to occur again. It is a significant achievement to have an undertaking from a major multinational corporation like Google Inc. that extends to its global policies and not just its UK activities. We will be keeping a close watch on the progress Google makes and will follow up with an extensive audit. Meanwhile, I welcome the fact that the Wi-Fi payload data that should never have been collected in the first place can, at last, be deleted."
To be sure the measure stands, Britain's Information Commissioner's Office will conduct a full audit of "Google's internal privacy structure, privacy training programs, and its system of privacy reviews for new products" within nine months.

Spot on, chaps.
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