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Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein Channels His Inner Michael Phelps

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Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blanfein is a man of many talents. Money-making? Check. Shrewd careerism? Check. Managerial prowess? Check. Aquatics? Che---wha??

From The New York Observer:

This weekend, in a very exciting but non-publicized match at the Southampton Bath & Tennis Club, which is exactly the kind of club it sounds like, Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein won a charity swim-a-thon. Mr. Blankfein, who is said to have used a very excellent flip-turn to his advantage, swam a pool-conquering 134 laps in one hour, according to a source.

Just when you think you know a guy.

But the fact that Blankfein is mysteriously skilled in a water-related sport shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. CEO’s of major companies the world over seem to be predisposed to water sports.

BP’s Tony Hayward?

A notorious yacht man.

Martha Stewart ?

A fly fisher.

Richard Branson?

A parasailing hero who obviously specializes in rescuing starving naked women who have been adrift at sea for months.

So what is it about the water that draws CEOs so close to its shores? Well, maybe even guys like Lloyd Blankfein just like to unwind every now and then.

Or—given his popularity these days--perhaps he’s just practicing for the day he finds himself swimming with the fish.
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