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Gold Vending Machines Coming to U.S.

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Hey, remember that "gold-to-go" vending machine that guy from Ex Oriente Lux installed in Abu Dhabi last year? Yeah, see, it's a vending machine that dispenses gold bars. Because you never know when you might have a hankering for a hunk of gold, right? Well gold fiends friends, do I have some good news for you:

ATM Vending Machines That Sell Gold, To Be Installed In America

Apparently 35 of the "gold-to-go" machines are scheduled to be installed in America next year, the first slated for Las Vegas (haha! of course!) and Florida.

"The machines are equipped to update the price of the gold according to the International rate every ten minutes. Gold units weighing 1gm, 2g, 5g, 10g and upto an ounce can be obtained in exchange of cash or credit card transactions."

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