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German Restaurant Goes Cannibal

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If the words "To Serve Man" on the menu wasn't a dead giveaway, the organ donor card probably will be.

Opening in early September, a restaurant in Berlin is already drawing the ire of the locals for a publicity stunt that's, uh, in poor taste. The eatery, Flimé, launched a website with a vague menu selection. What isn't so vague, however, are the announcements that Flimé will be serving human meat. A literal Jack in the Box, if you will.

"Donors wanted! Become a member today!" reads one announcement. Even less subtle: "After the medical check, you can decide which body part you want to donate!" According to Spiegel Online, the German version of the site seeks an "open-minded surgeon."

Spiegel adds:

"The restaurant's claim of serving 'Wari cuisine' is a reference to the Waricaca people, an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, perhaps accounting for Flimé's website also being available in Portuguese. Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the early 20th century, which decimated the Wari population, the tribe engaged in ritual cannibalization of enemies killed in battle."

To some, the marketing ploy is simply a halfhearted attempt at humor. But others aren't laughing, including the deputy floor leader in the Berlin state parliament. Michael Braun had received several emails regarding the restaurant and told a local tabloid, "I am assuming it is a misguided joke. But it is disgusting. In particular because a resident of Berlin was murdered by a cannibal not too long ago."

Ouch. Talk about putting your worst foot forward.

But you know, cannibalism is rarely funny. If you ask me, the people behind Flimé deserve to get chewed out. Either that, or a cold shoulder. But honestly, probably costs an arm and a leg to eat there.

Thank you, folks! Be sure to tip your waitress! Try the veal!

Er, uh, don't try the veal.
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