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German Insurance Company Uses Koran to Deny Insurance Claim

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A 79 year-old Algerian Muslim man living in Germany was seriously injured after being hit by a car and filed a claim with his insurer, the Gothaer company, to cover the costs of hiring a housekeeper to perform the household chores he was incapable of doing while he recuperated.

Lo and behold, he received an envelope from Gothaer--but it didn't contain a check for a maid.

No, inside he found a letter from a clerk who cited the Koran as grounds to reject his claim, saying that, according to her interpretation, the book places men above women, evidently proving that they don't do housework in the first place.

She wrote: "It can't be assumed to resemble a German marriage. According to the patriarchical and traditional view of the man in the Muslim marriage, the husband doesn't run the household."


According to Der Spiegel, company spokeswoman Martina Fassbender said "the clerk's tone had been unacceptable and that her arguments in no way corresponded with the views and policies of the company."

"Something like this simply must not happen," she said.

In related news, I am really, really, really, really glad that I am not this clerk, who is presumably holed up in a safehouse somewhere in Liechtenstein at the moment.
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