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Gene Simmons: Fire-Breathing, Bass-Playing Life Insurance Salesman

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Scanning over a few items while researching an article on estate taxes, I happened upon a Franklin, Tennessee company called Cool Springs Life.

The outfit's flagship product is something called the Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy. It utilizes a proprietary financing program which "enables you to finance an amount sufficient to fund all your life insurance premiums and all interest payments and other costs associated with this transaction at extremely low interest rates not generally available to individuals. This low-cost financing means you can achieve the security you desire without the need to liquidate any of your assets."

Reading further, I came across the Cool Springs executive bios:

There's Samuel Watson, chairman, president, and CEO; David Carpenter, co-founder; William Randolph, co-founder; Simon Baitler, co-founder, Gene Simmons, co-found--OKAY, HOLD THE PHONE...

Gene Simmons? As in, Gene Simmons of KISS?

Yep. It's him--the man/myth/legend behind "Christine Sixteen," "Detroit Rock City," and "Lick it Up" is part of the team hoping to-- according to the Wall Street Journal--"tap into a lucrative demographic: entertainers, sports stars and other people with a net worth of $20 million or more who need a life-insurance policy of $10 million or greater."

Simmons evidently came on board to act as a rainmaker who could open doors to the entertainers and celebrities Cool Springs is going after.

"I've been in the business my whole career, and life-insurance executives do not have audiences," co-founder David Carpenter told the Journal. "Gene has audiences. Gene has the reputation [as] a genius merchandiser and marketer. He has great ways of conceptualizing products."

Guy's got a point. Who else but a marketing and merchandising genius would be able to pull off something like this:

As Gene himself said, "I love livin', but this makes the alternative look pretty damn good."
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