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Frozen Peas Recalled, May Contain Shards of Broken Glass

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Frozen peas packed by Pictsweet and sold at Wal-Mart locations nationwide and Kroger stores in the Southeast have been recalled after reports that some of the packages may contain shards of broken glass.

Pictsweet was helpful enough to point out that the glass shards "may cause injury if ingested."

Glass? American consumers laugh at eating glass. Why? Because we eat far, far worse every day--and it's A-OK with the FDA.

"The FDA set these action levels because it is economically impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects," the agency's Food Action Defect Levels Handbook reads.

Some examples of what's allowable:

WHITEFISH: 50 parasitic cysts per 100 pounds (whole or fillets)

MACARONI AND NOODLE PRODUCTS: Average of 225 insect fragments or more per 225 grams in 6 or more subsamples; Average of 4.5 rodent hairs or more per 225 grams in 6 or more subsamples

PEANUT BUTTER: Average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams; Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams

PEACHES, CANNED AND FROZEN: Average of 3% or more fruit by count are wormy or moldy: In 12 1-pound cans or equivalent, one or more larvae and/or larval fragments whose aggregate length exceeds 5 mm

Of course, I could go on. But do you really want me to?
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