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Four things you must know about the global puzzle

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"To my mind, four things stood out from this week’s surfeit of summitry," writes FT columnist Philip Stevens. "China’s, albeit reluctant, embrace of multilateralism; the rising challenge from the Middle East to western and, especially, US power; Barack Obama’s effort to frame new rules for the global game; and Europe’s place on the margins of influence."

What does it all mean?

"Put all these trends together and we are left with the global puzzle. Optimists will see in America’s new-found realism and in China’s cautious multilateralism the glimmer of a chance to assemble the pieces of a new geopolitical order. Pessimists will see as many hands seeking to break the puzzle as to solve it. Success or failure in Copenhagen will give an important clue as to which side is right."
SOURCE:   Financial Times