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Four Loko Black Market Leads to Arrests

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The black market for blackout-in-a-can has officially met the hand of justice.

Fox News reports that three women in Mahwah, NJ were arrested last week for illegally selling Four Loko on Craigslist. Four Loko, the infamous alcoholic energy drink, was banned by the FDA in November after a string of fatalities raised the ire of government regulators.

The accused women were selling three cases of Four Loko for $335, a 200 percent increase from the original retail price. They were caught by undercover police posing as college students. They’ve been charged with a fourth-degree crime of selling alcohol without a state license and face up to three years in jail.

Minyanville has been following the Four Loko story for a while. We posted these pictures that show which NYC bodega was claiming to sell the drink, and this map that shows where you can find the mother lode.

But we haven’t investigated the hazy halls of Craigslist. Until now.

Under the “For Sale” tab in NYC, a search for “Four Loko” generated no results.

Which means, of course, the beverage has gone seriously underground. And like finding any other illegal drug on the black market, addicts will need to learn the street names if they want to find their fix.

Fortunately, identifying Four Loko’s street name on Craigslist was pretty easy.

A search for “4 Loko” generated these results.

And a search for “Four Loco” generated these results.

Whether these ads are legit or undercover cops, we may never know (and we're sure as hell not contacting these people, I mean, are you crazy?)

But for those of you who don’t want to shop underground, Phusion Projects, the company behind Four Loko, announced the drink would return to shelves over the next few weeks, albeit without some of the “dangerous” energy additives.

According to a press release by Phusion, “Four Loko XXX Limited Edition is being shipped to select markets now, and will be rolled out to all Phusion Projects' markets over the next several weeks. Following Green Apple, the next flavor, Blueberry Lemonade, will be rolled out in May.”

While Green Apple and Blueberry Lemonade do sound delicious, I’m personally waiting for a flavor that’s a bit more suited for alcoholic consumption, like Cranberry Chocolate.
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