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FOUND: $63 Million in British Loose Change. Apparently, Sofas Are Thieving B---ards.

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According to a report from Halifax Savings, the average amount of loose change hidden in sofas among British households is £1.61.

Multiplied across Britain, the total comes to £42 million.

However, desk drawers are the places to look if you're really feeling skint (whoa, check out that hip-as-all-get-out Britishism from JRo!) where the average amount of loose change is around £3.59.

Halifax spokesperson Flavia Palacios Umana urged people to "manage these small sums more wisely" with the help of a savings account or other financial product -- conveniently offered by Halifax Savings!

The moral of the story?

Don't trust that no-good sofa of yours. It's up to no good.

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