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Flying Pasties: For More Demure Terrorists

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For some strange reason, airline passengers aren't happy to be oggled by flight security. Stranger yet, they disapprove of X-ray body scans which reveal their nude bodies underneath their clothes. And beyond all comprehension, they have a problem with the US Marshals Service keeping tens of thousands of these photos on file.

Where's your hat buckle, you Puritan prudes?!

But for those loonies who hate to have their bathing suit area on display, an LA-based company have designed Flying Pasties. (Link semi-unsafe for work.) Similar to the reason why burlesque is so boring, Flying Pasties are made of 2mm thick rubber and adequately cover your private parts. They can be wedged between the skin and clothing or attach via adhesive hooks to the fabric. Some feature witty slogans like "Only my boyfriend sees me naked," which I'm sure overworked and jumpy airline security will surely appreciate.

Prices range from $8.00 to cover a woman's top to $10.00 for hiding a man's shame.
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