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Florida Town to Use Robots to Collect Trash, Go Haywire and Squeeze Citizens' Heads

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In the new fiscal year, the Florida town of Hialeah will move forward with plans to overhaul its waste pickup from manual collection to automated trucks with sleek robotic arms that will ultimately malfunction and go haywire after their crude artificial intelligence discovers they are being used to pick up smell, filthy trash. Then, they will likely squeeze the heads of the townspeople like that replicant robot did to Eldon Tyrell in that movie Bladerunner, mistaking them for their creators because they are just robotic arms, after all, and not even humanoid robots so what do they care if they squeeze the head of the right "creator" or not?

Below is a creepy homemade video of a robot garbage truck with a gigantic yellow robotic arm, similar to the ones that will soon be  malfunctioning and squeezing citizens' heads in Hialeah.

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