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Five Myths About the Davos World Economic Forum

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"Every year, thousands of the world's most influential people descend upon Switzerland in late January for five days of debating, networking, fine eating and a little skiing, too," the Washington Post reports.

The story is about the Davos World Economic Forum, of course -- Davos being something of a high temple of stateless, free market capitalism and a swell location for a fancy-pants convention for all the world's plutocrats, a chance for them to get together to make big, world-changing decisions and tell us where the global economy is headed. LOL! In other words, Davos has "jumped the shark," as they once said in the TV business.

OOPS! Hold on one second. The Washington Post says that's not true!

"In truth, the meeting is neither as exclusive or conspiratorial as its critics claim, nor as world-transforming as its boosters imagine," the exclusive and co-conspiratorial newspaper says. Heh. (Kidding!)

"The following myths are just a few of the misconceptions that have sprung up around the singular institution known the world over simply as 'Davos:'"

1. Davos is a convention for the world's plutocrats

2. Big, world-changing decisions are made at Davos

3. Davos is the high temple of stateless, free-market capitalism

4. Davos tells us where the global economy is headed

5. Davos is losing its appeal

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