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Five Living Spaces Smaller Than Your Living Space

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If you’ve ever tried living alone in New York City on a modest income, you know something about tiny apartments. But you probably haven’t seen anything like this 55-square-foot converted porter’s closet in Rome:

The “compact bedsit,” with a ladder leading to an elevated bed platform, is going for roughly $68,000. But it’s in a prime spot, right next to the Palazzo Grazioli, the mansion where Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi lives.

It’s just a bit smaller than this 62-square-foot former cupboard in London’s trendy Notting Hill district, which as of 2005 was being rented for about $250 a week:

Back in New York, the city’s smallest known studio is a relatively spacious 175-square-foot spot in Morningside Heights, occupied by a masochistic married couple who bought it last year for $150,000.

Without room for a dresser, they keep only workout clothes at home and jog to their Midtown jobs, stopping on the way to grab their work clothes, which are “strategically stashed at various dry cleaners.” Here’s that private hell:

And for the kiddies still scraping together the cash to invade Brooklyn, Gawker last week unearthed this $500/month Greenpoint studio that’s actually a rubber kids’ playhouse in someone’s courtyard.

Of course, when it comes to completely subsuming human comfort, no one can beat the Chinese. A Beijing ad-agency employee saves money to send back to her family by living in this compartment that’s narrower than a single bed:

Your living situation doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?
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