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First Robot Able to Develop and Show Emotions Before Going Haywire and Killing Creators Unveiled

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Nao, a bizarre robot developed by a European research team, models the first years of life and can form bonds with the people he meets.

"We're modelling the first years of life," Lola Cañamero, a computer scientist at the University of Hertforshire who led the project to create Nao's emotions, told The Guardian. "We are working on non-verbal cues and the emotions are revealed through physical postures, gestures and movements of the body rather than facial or verbal expression."

When the robot Nao is sad, he hunches his shoulders forward and looks down. When he's happy, he raises his arms, as if reaching for a hug. When frightened, he cowers, and remains that way until he is soothed with some gentle strokes on his head. It's cute, really. Except for the part where the robot soon begins to question its mortality, after which it goes haywire and hunts down the creators responsible for its clumsy artificial intelligence that simply isn't capable of dealing with the full range of human emotions.

"In future, say the scientists, robots are likely to act as companions or integrate with the web to order groceries online," the article says. "In these uses some form of emotional display will be important in making those interactions more natural and more comfortable, Cañamero said." Also in the future? Robot companions are likely to turn on their owners/creators and squeeze their heads like in that movie Bladerunner.

Watch the creepy robot video for yourself!
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